Exponential Learning… what do we mean?

‘It’s bite-sized chunks of entertaining, captivating and high impact on-line material that provides learners with the information they need in a way that holds their attention – and sticks!’

[Francesca Hunt, MA - Managing Director]
Our Mission

Our mission is to reduce human error in the threatening business we now live in. Companies are very vulnerable to various forms of attack. From malicious litigation, cyber ransom, operations halted, personal injury and death, kidnap and ransom, internal conflict, shrinkage and mental illness to slow endings through declining morale and performance.

Old ways of training and disciplining just don’t work anymore – and they’re a massive waste of resources.

What we offer: Targeted Experiential Learning Studies show that experience is the best way to learn. MaST have developed a way to deliver effective learning fast and with rapid behaviour change. We identify, with our clients, the necessary attitudes and behaviours and then design experiences to teach them those. We can deliver these experiences virtually, live and both virtually and live. The learning can be verified, and if necessary, certificated. Or they can just be used to raise awareness.

Once we receive a brief from a client, we investigate, design and produce either a film or a simulation or both. We have deep experience in business and behaviour and offer various value adding services like research, facilitation, workshopping, change programmes and communication.

The outcomes are:

  • Strategically aligned, high impact awareness
  • Culture strengthening
  • Character insights
  • Reduced human error

The benefits are:

  • Less risk - more attention
  • Less human error - more security
  • Character identification - effective role allocation
  • Culture fit

The challenges we help you overcome are:

  • Cyber crime
  • Reputational damage
  • Malicious litigation
  • Low morale
  • Poor performance
  • Careless accidents
  • Death and injury
  • Stalled operations
  • Prevention / solutions

Succeeding in a World of Interconnected Risks…
Counter terrorism training

‘Organisations must balance the ease of doing business with security considerations, taking the perspective that it is not a matter of “IF” but instead “WHEN” their organisation will be attacked.

People remain the holy grail of cyber-security, sitting at the heart of both challenges and solutions.

Technology solutions are critical for improving cyber-resilience, but people remain the weakest link!

Therefore, addressing the human factor remains essential for cyber-security.’

Reducing corporate risk by raising AWARENESS!

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If only there was a silver bullet...

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Engaging Content

It’s learning you actually want to complete…

High Quality Drama

It’s learning embedded in 10 minute episodes of high-quality drama – with assessment capsules at the end of each episode…

24 / 7 / 365 Access

It’s learning that’s placed deeper, stays in place longer and ensures it’s readily available when needed…

Future Assurance… through Shared… Responsibility
Risk Assurance

Honing a risk-conscious culture in today’s uncertain tech-boom world is an enterprise-level essential – commencing in the boardroom..!

Reputational damage, collapsing share value, loss of customers and talent are imminent  threats.

Highly aware and engaged employees are your best form of protection.

In high-risk environments, revert to training!

MaST achieves this with HIGH IMPACT learning experiences.

Our Core People

We value the expertise our core team brings to the table.

Colin Perry
Risk Awareness and Maintainance
Derek Jooste
Org Culture and Human Potential
Hector Veree
Health, Safety and Engineering
Jaresh Maharaj
Cyber Security
Robin Petersen
Business Continuity
Thami Gumbi
Diversity, Inclusion and Transformation
Arian Amazapor
Middle East and GCC
Billy Selekane
Motivation and African Enterprise
Steve Carver
Film, Theatre and Social Development
John O'Conner
Socio-economic Development and Education
Hein Weyers
Learning and Development
Ingra Dubuison-Narsai
Neuroscience for Organisations
Guy Eastoe
Programme and Project Management
Gavin Andersson
Mining and Agriculture
Joanne Wadsworth
Events, Hospitality and Tourism
Our Clients
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